Measuring Up is About Making the Right Choices

The Measure of a Man:

It’s not the cars you drive, the clothes you wear, or the sunglasses perched on the edge of your nose. It is about how you measure up to yourself, and the choices you make. 


Bystander Behavior

As the violence prevention field has evolved the role of bystanders has come into focus.  Bystanders are individuals who see a problematic situation and who could intervene to prevent it but don’t.  Almost all situations involving sexual assault have bystanders – either those …. [Read more]

Ruth’s Story

Ruth is a recent FSU graduate, a former collegiate cross-country runner and owner of a social entrepreneurship organization called Reclaiming Lost Voices.  She is also a survivor of rape.  Ruth has agreed to share her story with you in the interest of … [Read More]


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